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In conversation with...Larry Moss

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The Equity Foundation is thrilled to present...Larry Moss…live from LA.

Larry Moss

On Tuesday, April 1, we will live stream an In Conversation with the legendary US acting coach direct from the SAG Foundation in LA.

Midday for Australia and 2pm for NZ.
You’ll be able to watch the event here:

Larry Moss will be in conversation with director of 16th Street Actors Studio, Kim Krejus.

"Larry’s unwavering commitment to his craft, his encyclopedic knowledge of the arts, and his sincere enthusiasm for the art of acting itself make his process exciting, inspiring and truly transformational as an actor. I would recommend his technique and process not only to first timers, but also seasoned veterans of the craft".

-Leonardo DiCaprio

This event is co-presented with the SAG Foundation and 16th Street.

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