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Equity Foundation honours outstanding TV ensembles at Awards Ceremony

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The cast members of Redfern Now Season Two, Upper Middle Bogan and Top of the Lake were honoured at the 4th Annual Equity Ensemble Awards at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney on Monday night.

Equity Awards 2014 3Cast members of Redfern Now Season Two


Hundreds of performers, producers, agents, directors, network execs and other industry members gathered to celebrate their fine work and that of all 27 nominees.

Equity president Simon Burke said: “Australia’s screen industry has undoubtedly hit its stride - now is the time to work together as an industry make sure savage cuts to the arts don’t see productions such as these disappear from our screens.”

Established by the Equity Foundation in 2011, the peer-voted awards honour outstanding performances by television ensembles in Australian drama, comedy and miniseries programs.  

Upper Middle Bogan’s Patrick Brammall is among the winners of the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series Award.

“As gratifying as individual awards can be, they're the great lie of the entertainment business. Ensemble is everything, and that is what these awards recognise,” said Brammall.

“Also, there's really nothing more satisfying than being told by your peers that you've done a better job than your other peers.”  

Wayne Blair, part of Redfern Now’s winning ensemble, said he was very proud of this show and the collaboration.“We strive hard for quality work and we share the enjoyment of that road together, we really do.For all the MEAA artists that voted, thank you. Respect.”

Upper Middle Bogan’s Michal Banas said it was “lovely” to be honoured by her peers. “Upper Middle Bogan has been an absolute career highlight for me, and I'm loving shooting the second series. Hopefully there will be more to come…so we can continue having ridiculous amounts of fun at work."

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