Improv Workshop With US Based Improv Expert Rob Reese

10 Aug 2013
13:00:00 -  17:00:00
The registration period is from 18 Jul 2013 09:00:00 to 02 Aug 2013 00:00:00

Event description:

“…They just left the camera running. Being able to improv is an important part of an actor’s tool kit now…”
Being able to do improv is a key tool for actors and NSW Equity members have a fantastic opportunity to work with New York based improv expert Rob Reece. Rob will host a five hour Cross-Referenced Improvisation workshop focusing on the strengths of  “Chicago Style” improvisation for “Theatresports” influenced performers.   Strong scenic improvisational training has proven beneficial to artists of all disciplines.  The ‘cross training’ effect of this work proves beneficial in strengthening the level of commitment while expanding the potential for creative freedom.   Rob will work with attendees and focus on the following:
•    Warm ups, ‘getting to know you’ exercises, general comfort & freedom building.
•    Discussion of styles, structures and “rules of improvisation”
•    Exercises and techniques towards “Chicago style” scenework
•    Participants will perform series’ of scenes with notes and feedback.
•    Exercises and techniques towards a simple Harold style longform.
•    Participants will perform simple Harold style longforms with notes and feedback.
The structure of the workshop itself will vary depending on the strengths, interests and needs of the workshop participants.  

Biography of host: Workshop teacher Rob Reese, now based in New York, studied improvisational theater in Chicago in the 1990’s at the renowned Training Centers of The Second City, The Improv Olympic, and The Annoyance Theater.  During these years he studied under and performed in productions directed by Del Close, Mick Napier, Martin DeMaat, Michael Gellman, Charna Halpern, Armando Diaz, Ali Farahnakian, Kevin Dorff, and other amazing teachers too numerous to mention. Since ‘graduating’ from Chicago, Reese has taught for The Second City Training Center (NYC), Gotham City Improvisation, and Amnesia Wars Productions.  As ‘freelancer’ he’s also taught for individual companies, improv festivals and independent workshops throughout the United States, England, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, and Zimbabwe.   ob has directed and performed in a myriad of scriptless theater pieces, mostly under the banner of Amnesia Wars Productions. While working with performers of all levels across such a wide geographic swath, Reese has observed stylistic trends, even among beginning improvisers who have not necessarily been exposed to the training prevalent to their area.  The local influence from performances they’ve seen and from trained performers with whom they interact is enough to influence styles and techniques of performers within a geographic region. These observations have allowed Rob to utilize styles and techniques from “the other” method, consistently allowing breakthroughs and growth among participants.  European based performers with training and exposure based in Keith Johnstone – Theatresports – plot driven techniques almost always achieve major breakthroughs in their training when working in Chicago style, Del Close – Harold – character driven techniques.  Chicago style performers, of course, also experience great leaps when focusing on the Johnstone style.



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