Howard Fine Masterclass - Auditing Opportunities

06 Jul 2014
09:30:00 -  18:30:00
There are no tickets available for this event

Event description:

The Howard Fine Studio (Australia) is offering a number of free passes to audit Howard Fine's masterclass. Selection will be by ballot and information on how to register will be sent when the ballot is done.

Bio of host:
The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a well established and critically acclaimed acting studio based in LA which opened an Australian studio in Melbourne in 2011.  Howard Fine and a number of their top acting teachers regularly travel to Australia to teach and as part of his studio based program Howard will be hosting more of his famour masterclasses in Sydney and Melbourne.  The Howard Fine Studio is home to arguably the best acting school faculty in the world with each individual tuto being personally and genuinely endorsed by such industry luminaries as: Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Connolly, Juliette Binoche, Sir Ian McKellen, Josh Brolin and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as a host of well-known Australian actors.  In just two years, the Howard Fine Acting Studio has grown to be one of the leading actor training instutions in Australia.  If you should have any queries regarding Howard or the Studio please don't hesitate to contact the Howard Fine Acting Studio at or (03) 9038 8053.



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