Clowning With Hew Parham - Adelaide

31 Jan 2015
10:00:00 -  17:00:00
The registration period is from 18 Dec 2014 00:00:00 to 31 Jan 2015 23:59:00

Event description:

Event description:


A fabulous opportunity to spend a day working with Adelaide clown and actor Hew Parham who will take you on a one-day journey into Theatrical Clowning. Hew has studied with Master Clown teacher John Turner in the Pochinko Clowning method and is the only practitioner of this work in Australia. In this introduction to the Pochinko Clowning method Hew will ask you to take your guard down and show your beautiful flawed silly self. The clown lives in their own unique world but at the same time they are in the room with the audience. This can be a rewiring for the actor.

Therefore in this workshop participants begin with a focus on listening.

Exercises and games are used to awaken and encourage:

- A sense of pleasure and play, the clown lives in both an adult world and a childish world, which means they are in touch with their desires and impulses. They don’t play a subtext, whatever they are feeling they will feel in the moment.

- Their awareness and relationship to the audience. Dialogue isn’t used so that the clown must first be able to locate and express their inner feelings through the body with honesty and presence. They must also be receptive and adaptable to what they receive back from the audience. Mistakes and failure are completely encouraged and embraced in a safe space.

Some fields of clown live solely in this relationship between clown and audience – whereas in Pochinko Clown there is an emphasis on developing your clown world too – we want to see into your world and come out with a new awareness. Using intuitive movement exercises the individual can tap into a unique physicality and begin to find their clown logic. Clown logic may be how a clown will approach a problem, a prop, an environment with a sense of openness and indivuality. It is a return to a childish state full of imagination and creativity.

This workshop will be a great tool for performers heading into the Fringe looking for a new way of how to develop a scene, approach a problem or connect to their audience. Clown is useful for performers in being adaptable to any situation, ride mistakes on stage and for plays where direct address is required. With the heightened sense of awareness of impulse and pleasure performers can tune in to when to use these in a rehearsal or creation process. It wakes them to the intelligence of the body.

Participants are asked to bring loose comfortable clothing to wear and an open heart.



Bio of host: HEW PARHAM:

Hew is a graduate of Flinders University Drama Centre. Hew was the recipient of the 2007 Neil Curnow Award where he studied at The Hunter Gates Academy of Physical Theatre one-year program in Canada. Hew has also extensively trained and mentored in the in the Pochinko Clowning Method with John Turner and Bouffon with Karen Hines whilst in Canada. In 2009 he returned to Manitoulin Island where he undertook a three-month mentorship to further his skills in Pochinko Clowning Method with John Turner. Hew continues his mentorship with John Turner and has returned to Canada in 2011 and 2014 to further develop and refine his training in this style.

Hew is the only Australian trained to teach this method and is the resident Clown teacher at Flinders University Drama Centre. Last year Hew received a grant to work with British Physical Comedy troupe Spymonkey in London, England. Hew worked further with Spymonkey performer and head workshop leader Aitor Bausuri in New York this year. Hew has also taken workshops with Mike Kennard (Mump and Smoot – Canada); Melbourne Clowns Clare Bartholomew and Derek Ives; Deborak Kauffman in New York; Gabriel Munoz (Mexico); Eric Davis (Red Bastard/Los Angeles) and continues to investigate different aspects of clown and how it can be weaved into the Pochinko Training.

Hew has developed two theatrical clown shows with his naïve red nose clown Schmoo and his demonic alter ego Oog: Schmoove Operator and Odyssey Schmodyssey. More recently a new show with a new character Giocvanni in The Giovanni Experiment which was a hit at The Adelaide Fringe Festival and Cabaret Fringe Festivals. In 2011 Hew was the first Australian Clown to be accepted into New York Clown Theatre Festival, he was also invited to perform at the Sangenauy Fringe in Quebec, Canada. Hew recently performed his latest version of the now titled Giovanni! at the New York Clown Theatre Festival in September.

Hew won the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Spoken Word Performance for Pounding Nails into the Floor with My Forehead, other credits includes: Me and My Shadow (Patch Theatre Company); Superheroes (Stone/Castro); Gorge (Brink Productions); Big Smoke (Riverland Youth Theatre Company); Boo! (Windmill Performing Arts); several incarnations of Berlin Cabaret from 2002 to 2010 (Weimar Productions); Significant Others (Oddbodies); Tomfoolery (Loaded Productions); Seven (Leigh Warren and Dancers); Don’s Party (Holden Street Theatres), Drinking Songs and La Chevre Noir (both La Boheme Productions). Hew also regularly works as an MC and a roving character performer and this year Giovanni was one of the hosts of the Adelaide Fringe Caravan Showcase stage. He also hosts and curates the showcase evening Artbox at La Boheme. Hew teaches workshops to performers, non-performers and in schools specialising in the Pochinko Method.





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