You’ve Done The Acting Course…now What?

07 Nov 2016
18:30:00 -  21:30:00
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Event description:

So, you’ve had some acting jobs – but the wait between gigs is driving you mad…Well it’s time to recognise that you have skills that are in demand for Award Nights, Conferences, Product Launches,Team Building events, Community Events and many more that all fit under the umbrella ‘Corporate Work’.

Michael is holding a one-off workshop where he shares his learnings from over three decades in the Corporate World.

What skills do you have that you can leverage in this lucrative industry? What’s the difference between ‘acting’ and ‘presenting’? What exactly do you have to do to host an Awards Night? How do you get your first corporate job? And then the second?

This will be an interactive, limited-space three hour workshop.

Bio of host:

Michael Pope trained at Flinders University Drama Centre in the early 80s and initially worked as a theatre actor in Adelaide. Opportunities took him to the east coast and since 1984 has been working non-stop in the television industry as an on-air presenter, a producer and audience warm-up. In addition he spends a growing amount of his time in the corporate world as a conference facilitator and event emcee.



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