Stage Combat With Jason King

05 Jul 2017
18:00:00 -  21:00:00
The registration period is from 13 Jun 2017 09:00:00 to 09 Jul 2017 22:00:00

Event description:

This Introduction to Stage Combat workshop will give participants an opportunity to safely practice footwork, falling, striking, grabbing, pushing, choking and more. The actions in fact are the easy part of the performance so particular care will be placed on the reactions to these elements. We will be striving for the two most important outcomes; a safe and controlled execution of technique, and a dramatically believable performance. All whilst having a load of fun! As a background - with any physical performance there is a risk of injury, whether it is potential collision with set or other actors, an interaction with a prop, or simply tripping or rolling an ankle. Add to the performance a ‘fight scene’ or the like, and the risk exponentially increases. Stage Combat is a process whereby you become more in tune with your body, self aware and increase coordination and control over your movement. Typically, it is applied to scenarios of conflict, which could be a physical interaction between actors, a duel, or even slapstick. Participants should wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring water, towel and deodorant.

Bio of host:
Jason has been involved in the performing arts for over 17 years as a graduate of acting, an experienced clown, singer and a qualified Stage Combat Instructor and Fight Director. Whilst studying drama, he tested and furthered his skills through street theatre with “Shananagans Unlimited”, clowning with “Book-N-Act”, and numerous cabarets, demonstrations, eisteddfods and exhibitions.
As a qualified stage combat Instructor, Jason’s time has been shared between acting and movement consultancy. As the Principle of the Queensland Stage Combat School, he has (or still is) instructed drama components at The Australian Acting Academy, The Actor’s Conservatory, The Actor’s Workshop, New York Film Academy, The Film and Television Studio International, The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, Academy of Screen Performance, Queensland Actor’s Playhouse, James Cook University, USQ and QUT. As a Fight Director, Jason has worked with many of the local Theatre Companies in South East Qld including Queensland Theatre Company, Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Nash Theatre, Ignatians Musical Society, and dozens of smaller amateur or school groups.
Film credits include “Dartworth”, “Operation Wolverine: On The Rails”, “The Great Raid”, “Scooby Doo”, “Inspector Gadget II” and the acclaimed “Undead” where Jason doubled as Fight Director as well as playing various Zombies!” Undead” was a large project training scores of actors how to safely and effectively die, fall, be shot etc.
Television credits include "Cyber Girl”, “Forbidden Secrets”, “Killer Instincts” and “Evil”. In addition he has acted and directed in many short films including the award wining “The Drunken Bath”, and “Holy Shit”. He was a finalist in the Beijing TV reality show “Arts of our Land” where he performed for an audience of over 250,000,000!
Jason is the Chief Instructor of his own Martial Arts academy, teaching various Chinese Martial Arts and Weaponry Systems. He qualified as both a Kung Fu and a Tai Chi Instructor in 1994. His martial training began 30 years ago and spent fifteen years successfully competing in tournaments at a National and International level. “Brisbane Kung Fu” runs 10 classes a week throughout Brisbane. Jason is an accredited coach through the Australian Kung Fu Wu Shu Association and Australian Sports Commission. In 2013 Jason was inducted to the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
Over many years, Jason contributed in various committee positions with The Society of Australian Fight Directors. In 2008, Jason was elected to the position of President and ran the national body looking after performers’ safety within the theatre industry. More recently he has taken on the role of Queensland Rep for Australian Stage Combat Association and he looks forward to continuing their important work for years to come.
Jason continues to augment his performance skills with ongoing training in Stage combat, circus, physical theatre, singing and acting. In his spare time (if any!), Jason also sings in concerts, runs a clowning agency, works as a personal trainer and as an Executive Protection Officer.

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