Show Me The Money! How To Write Arts Funding Applications With Peta Hanrahan

31 Jul 2017
18:00:00 -  21:00:00
The registration period is from 04 Jul 2017 09:00:00 to 31 Jul 2017 22:00:00

Event description:

In this introductory workshop Peta Hanrahan will take you on a step by step journey through the maze of Government and Philanthropic Performing Arts Funding so as to make it comprehensively easier for you understand the rules, get cracking and own your own career trajectory.

•Who’s got the money and where did it come from?
•Why did that guy get funding and I didn’t?
•How do I make a relationship with the Arts Funding Bodies?
•How much money should I ask for?
•Shouldn’t they just give me the dollars because I’m a genius?
•Where does my Local Council fit in?
•What do you mean I have to do a Creative Development?
•What does ‘In-kind’ mean?
•I know what my show is about, I just can’t explain it on paper!
•What is a Timeline?
•How do I tour?
•Am I a Producer now?

These questions just clip the top of the ice-berg so bring your lap-top or iPad and the idea for your next show and lets see if we can pin-point together a steady and sure path to make financial support for your work a reality.

Bio of host:
Peta Hanrahan’s main focus in theatre is style, form and the actor’s journey, studying theatre as a fine art form through its humanity and technique. Peta studied with Lecoq Master, Richard Hayze Marshall from 1984 to 1987 and is a graduate of Directing from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has worked as Director, Producer, Dramaturge, Animateur, Puppeteer, Lighting and Set Designer. La Mama honoured Peta in 2006 with the L.S.G. Award for contribution to theatre. In 2007 she produced, dramaturged and Directed Shrimp, a state touring show for Arts Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, the VCE syllabus (published), Melbourne Workers Theatre & La Mama. Shrimp won the Drama Victoria Award Best performance for young people 2007. She then Produced/Dramaturged/Directed & Designed Brother Boy for Arts Victoria, Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Big West Festival 2007, it was widely acclaimed by critics and sold out to new and excited audiences. As the Artistic Director (2008 – 12) of a vibrant theatre venue and production house in Melbourne’s west, The Dog Theatre received the Melbourne Fringe festival Best Venue Award 2009, the Green Room 2009 Best New Venue Award and played host to the Big West Festival 2009 as the Arts Hub of the festival. In 2014 Peta directed EAST by Steven Berkoff, Elia Kazan: A Theatre Investigation detailing through three play readings the impact of Kazan's influence on contemporary acting styles. 2015/16 she was the Artistic Director of Verve Studios - Melbourne's premier centre for actor training and in 2016 delivered a sell out season of her life long project A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf that looks forward to a state wide tour in 2018.

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