The Creative Psychology Of The Actor

28 Jul 2018
10:00:00 -  13:00:00
The registration period is from 04 Jul 2018 09:00:00 to 25 Jul 2018 22:00:00

Event description:

This workshop introduces actors to their unique psychological wiring. What is it that makes actors so good at what they do and at the same time makes them so vulnerable to stress and anxiety? This 3 hour interactive workshop explains it all and will point you in the right direction to better manage your unique wiring. There will be plenty of discussion and a chance to get your questions answered. Julie and Jeff Crabtree are both doctoral researchers, authors speak on this subject around the world. Julie is a psychologist and Jeff is a writer and composer.

Bio of hosts:
Julie Crabtree: Psychologist in Private Practice. Julie has worked extensively with creative people. Her doctoral research into creativity and mental health at UTS places her at the forefront of our understanding of how to be both healthy and creative. She has two degrees MA (Counselling) and a BA Dip Ed. She is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society, a Member of College of Health Psychology. She was the first to develop and establish a hold up support program in a major Australian bank. In addition to this ground-breaking work, she established relocation programs and stress management training for bank staff. She later worked in the NSW health system as a staff psychologist for a major hospital in Sydney as well as for the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service, establishing her credentials as an experienced practitioner of trauma related mental health issues. Her work encompasses both private practice and consultancy. In her practice, she regularly sees creative artists and their partners who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship and related issues. From this experience, she has developed the successful Building Mental Resilience group program and she trains, advises and mentors creative organisations and organisations that want to attract the creative, in how to retain and foster a healthy creative environment. This has included work with AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network through CONTROL), Waleed Ally interviewed her for the Melbourne based RN drive time program and more recently Triple M’s “The Grill Team” spoke with her following Robyn William’s death on the subject of “Living with a Creative Mind”.

Jeff Crabtree: Award winning songwriter & producer. His keyboard playing can be heard on over 120 albums, TV commercials, films or videos. He has worked with such luminaries as David Moyse (Air Supply), Andrew James (Midnight Oil) Hugh Wilson (Vertigo) & legendary recording engineer Keith Walker whose live recording credits include Midnight Oil as well as Elton John live. Jeff has composed and produced music that now travels the globe on every Royal Brunei Airlines aircraft, as well as music for the Network 7 coverage of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games & the theme for the 2007 Australian Design Awards. He is undertaking doctoral research at UTS in issues of workplace health and safety in the contemporary music industry & has an MA (with honours) in Music and Cultural Studies and a BA Dip Ed (majoring in English Literature). With Julie, he is the author of Living With A Creative Mind - an operating handbook for creative people, which is published in English and Japanese. He is the co-founder of The Zebra Collective: consulting on effective management and leadership of creative people. This has an online service delivering the latest from their on-going research, & exclusive interviews with world class creative practitioners including multi platinum award winning music producer Charles Fisher (Savage Garden) veteran songwriter Chris Sester (Jet), Hollywood film director Alethea Jones, TED alumnus, MOMA exhibited artist and advertising executive George Lois (MTV, Tommy Hilfiger), independent artist Kimbra and luminary music producer Hank Linderman (The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Robert Lamm).

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