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Our workshop series is an opportunity to work on specifics, such as acting for the camera, comedy, dancing, voiceovers and accents. Up to 10 members work over a two-hour period with an expert in their field.
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As part of the foundation’s In Conversation series, performers are given the opportunity to attend an intimate question and answer session with leading international actors and directors. Sir Ian McKellen, Richard E Grant, Sam Neill, and Cate Blanchett are among those who have participated in the In Conversation events.
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Each year the Equity Foundation hosts a Casting Hothouse, which gives performers a unique opportunity to work with international casting agents, such as CBS TV Studios’ vice president of casting Matt Skrobalak and US feature film casting director Margery Simkin.
Student Days
We know how difficult it can be getting a toehold in the entertainment industry, so each year the Equity Foundation holds an industry day designed to provide graduates with important information and tools to help them on their way to a successful performance career.

Events Program

Unarmed Stage Combat Class With Kyle Rowling

25 Mar 2019
18:00:00 -  18:00:00
The registration period is from 26 Feb 2019 09:00:00 to 14 Mar 2019 22:00:00

Event description:

Over the span of this three-hour class with internationally renowned Fight Master, Kyle Rowling, you will be introduced to several concepts and principles pertaining to the understanding and performance of Theatrical Violence for Stage & Screen, including: Performance Theory, Combat Theory, and Technique. These three elements will be combined whilst putting in to practice violent moments such as: Grappling, Punching & Kicking, Falling, and more. Having the knowledge of what is safe and what isn’t prepares you far better for a future in performance than just a few punching skills. Theatrical Violence in performance is evolving, and therefore as performers we need to evolve too. Kyle’s approach is very holistic, preparing you not only physically for the many challenges that await you, but just as importantly, mentally and emotionally. Working from a character point of view first you will come to understand the ‘how’s & why’s’ of the Theatrical Violent Moment you are performing, so you can more honestly portray that moment within the safety confines of technique. The skills learnt through ‘Combative Arts for Stage & Screen’, cross all levels of performance disciplines whether it is a climactic sword fight, to a simple verbal argument. The techniques and strategies are the same. Every character is a ‘warrior’ of some kind. You just need to work out ‘what is their war, and what is their weapon’. And it’s not always a sword. There is no doubt that at least a basic understanding of Stage Combat these days is a vital part of any actor’s repertoire. Complex fighting skills for stage and screen can take years to develop, but a basic understanding of concepts, philosophies and techniques is easily within your grasp. But most of all you should know your ‘rights for a safe work place’ on any stage or set.
The Equity Foundation sincerely thanks The Action Acting Academy (AAA), and The Australian Stage Combat Association (ASCA) for their support of this workshop

Bio of host:

Kyle Rowling is an Australian actor with high-level specialist screen combat techniques. He has studied acting and martial arts since 1978 and is one of the world’s most respected Stage Combat Instructors and Fight Directors. Kyle has worked in film, television and theatre productions as both an actor and Fight Director. In theatre he has hundreds of credits. In film he was the Assistant Sword Master for Star Wars: Episode’s 2 & 3, and during that time his duties included training actors including Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christiansen, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee. He was also Christopher Lee’s fight double for both films as well as the movement and fight double for the General Grievous character, among others including playing a Jedi Knight named Joclad Danva. Kyle was Eric Bana’s personal weapon’s trainer for Troy, and the edged weapon’s specialist for Wanted, where he was responsible for training James McEvoy, whilst also doubling the ‘Butcher’ character for his fight scenes in this film. Most recently Kyle was the Fight Director for the Australian feature film Infini. As an actor, Kyle has worked for many independent theatre companies in Sydney and overseas, including several times for Sydney Theatre Company. He is one of the founding directors of the Sydney Shakespeare company Bard on the Beach. He has performed on Australian television and also starred in the Starz production Spartacus: Blood & Sand. In 2014 Kyle spent seven months in Wales, UK, as the Assistant Stunt Coordinator on the Starz production’s final season of Da Vinci’s Demons, once again his primary duties were choreographing the sword and fists fights for the show, training the actors and doubling several actors for their fight scenes, and assisting Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard in all aspects including, high falls and full body burns. Kyle is a seasoned actor, director and certified Fight Master with a very specialized and extensive skill set with decades of on set experience. He is dedicated to the continued growth and evolution of the art of Stage Combat world. 

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