Voice of experience

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What does it take to get a foothold in the extremely competitive field of voiceover? Practitioner and coach Abbe Holmes offers some insider’s tips

Let’s start by talking about what’s out there. Hundreds of voiceovers are produced nationally every week, mainly radio ads and promos, also called ‘imaging’, and mostly made in-house at the stations. In-house radio production caters to the ‘single event’ or ‘short campaign’ advertiser and the stations churn them out.

In conversation with...Colin Firth

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Queensland-based performer Robert Coleby was one of the lucky Equity members to attend the Equity Foundation’s In Conversation with Colin Firth. Here he writes about the experience. Photos by Harry Saragossi

On Sunday June10, 250 or so of us lucky members, thanks to Equity and Screen Queensland, witnessed a Q and A with the excellent and much acclaimed Colin Firth, hosted by Sigrid Thornton.

Firth in, best dressed

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Last night Colin Firth spoke to a packed Cremorne Theatre at Brisbane’s QPAC, in an intimate Q&A with Sigrid Thornton, presented by the Equity Foundation. Clare Fletcher reports. Photos by Harry Saragossi

When there’s a seriously famous person within a certain radius, you can feel it. There’s a ripple of surreptitiously craned heads, hum of barely whispered “is that...?” There’s a heightened energy as mere mortals preen and wonder if they’ll have an encounter with this person who has loomed over them on cinema screens and now stands, diminished in stature but still emitting the faint glow of the preternaturally attractive, mere metres away.

Toni Lamond to host Equity Masterclass

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On Thursday, June 21, celebrated Australian performerToni Lamond will give her first Equity musical theatre masterclass in Melbourne. Participants will be able to draw on Toni’s vast experience working in Australia, UK and the USA on productions as varied as: Mame, Oliver, Cabaret, Annie, Hello Dolly!, Nunsense and 42nd Street.

US release for Red Dog

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Australian feature film Red Dog will get a North American release in August or September of this year, which will include DVD sales through the world’s biggest retailer. Read more here.


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